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Pests everywhere or so it seems


The best pest advice I have is to not get pests, but it isn’t that easy, it doesn’t matter how clean or dirty you are, they will arrive at some stage and it all depends if they come alone or with all their friends and millions of relatives. So you are either lucky or not.

And as the pic above shows, they come in various guises, none better or worse than the rest, just differing forms of pest with differing smells. sounds and the ability to eat or bite in differing ways. And I guess different ways they can scare the crap out of everyone.

So best be fore warned, so you no what you can do. I guess you have 2 choices, go to war on your own and fight these critters who have millions of hears of evolution behind them to get them to this moment, having survived bigger, uglier, more dangerous and smarter foes than you or call someone to help.

Now I can tell you from my experience, I tried to do both, I attacked these honed, trained, well drilled evolved creatures with a shovel and failed in my strenuous bashing of them. As there was always another 100 turning up to fight, not caring if there whole family got wiped out in my last big boy swipe. They had a purpose, a mission I wasn’t aware of or could understand.

So we contacted www.santabarbarapestcontrol.net and they came round and dealt with our mini infestation of ants, who were very unimpressed with my heroic efforts to beat them up.

I am nearly over my defeat, so its ok…

I had a previous pest issue while in Encinitas and I do think I dealt with it the same way, with a large wave of something or other and was defeated as well. That time I used a great local company Encinitaspestcontrol, who are worthy a link out as they were good too.