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The view is more important than the size

I watch a lot of programs like grand designs and I find that the houses they build are often very beautiful, very ambitious and usually turn out to be fantastic creations. But for me the most beautiful part of the house, is what you can see from the inside looking out. So the windows are really, really important in my opinion. I used to think that the size of the accommodation was important but as I get older I don’t think that is the case any more.

 Some of the best houses on programs like grand designs are really all about the view, They spend a lot of money buying the plots of land to get fantastic views either of the countryside or the sea in the main. And the amount of effort and money they spend on producing fantastic vistas, amazing views of the outside are an incredible feat to watch.

 Many of the houses I have seen being built, spend a lot of time and effort designing how to get light into a dark space, some of the properties are built underground and are very ingenious in the way they get light through to the lower levels of the property. Some of the glazing ideas look crazy to begin with, they do not seem to be well thought through, but in the end they normally come out looking beautiful. And provide amazing views of the outside which really is the whole point of the project in my opinion.

 Which brings me round to the fact of how glass and glazing and windows have progressed through the years from the olden days, when they were very simple panes of glass to the new amazing structures that are often electronically controlled to not only provide light and views but access to the open sky as well. The technology of glass in houses has moved on an incredible amount and today it is an amazing tool that can be used to ensure the outside world is as much inside as it is outside.

One of the designers I noticed used a local glazing company called Tower Hamlets Glass, they seemed to have some great glazing products.

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